Highly Rated Customer Support
Our customer support team consists of agents in 23 states who undergo in excess of 100 training hours, orientation on phone etiquette, customer privacy and customer satisfaction. Our agents are required to complete a 50 state and FBI criminal background check and continuous training each month of their employment. Agents who visit customers' homes are required to submit to additional training and fingerprinting. When an agent visits you, you can be rest assured knowing that we've vetted them for you.  Agents are trained to resolve customer requests with the utmost respect and professionalism.  At the beginning of each call and visit, agents are required to provide their Agent Identification Number.  
If you'd like to compliment your agent or express a concern, you can do so by clicking "here" and entering their  AIN and your comment.
(If you have a complaint or suggestion for an agent, be sure to include as much detail regarding the call as possible. This includes the date, time and nature of the call.)


RE: Phone Wait Time

Due to an overwhelming amount of individuals interested in our services, the wait time for customers who contact us by phone has been averaging between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.  Did you know that you can place orders with an agent by chat? Our online support agents can answer questions, set up payment, assist you with new orders and activations as well as provide technical support. Why not give it a try? To chat with an agent now, click here! :)

How is it possible to exceed unlimited data?
Can the wires on my security system be cut?
With all plans offered by Community Wireless, we provide truly unlimited data at basic speeds. Once a customer has used the entirety of their allotted 4G LTE data, they'll still be able to use their internet- just at basic speeds.  Once you make your monthly payment or at the beginning of your next billing cycle, your data will automatically reset and you'll be able to use 4G LTE data again.  If you can't wait, we offer additional blocks of 4G LTE data at $5.00/500MB or $10.00/1GB. 
With Assured Security Monitoring Solutions by Community Wireless, there are no wires to cut.  Our alarm panels are powered by our Community Wireless nationwide cellular service.  As long as you have service on your cellphone, your security system will be connected.  While there is virtually no "downtime" with our security systems, we have a back-up SIM in place in order to guarantee services, even if there's a problem with the network.  Community Wireless values your safety. 
Can I use my phone from AT&T?
What is a SIM Starter Kit?
Yes. AT&T phones are GSM and are able to be used with Community Wireless.  You will need to ensure that your device is unlocked before using it or access to certain features and services may not work.  You can unlock your device by calling AT&T directly.  If you purchased the device from another person, AT&T may not unlock it for you. We are partnered with several businesses in which provide affordable unlocking services. Contact us by chat to learn more and to be connected to them.
Our SIM Card Starter Kit is required to activate services.  It includes the SIM Card, activation code, PUK/PIN code and other relevant materials necessary for activation.  

SIM CARD STARTER KITS cost $19.95.  Occasionally, we will have promotions in place to offset the costs of this Kit. Check with your sales agent today for current promotions and offers.
How are your costs so low?
Can I get paid for referring a new customer to you?
With more than 30 combined years in the wireless industry, we know how to make wireless affordable! Compared to traditional carriers, our overhead costs are significantly lower.  Our business model uses agents and customers to advertise and promote our services, which results in signaficant savings that are passed on to our customers.  Because our primary advertisement is by word of mouth, we work harder than anyone else to ensure customer and employee satisfaction!
Absolutely!! When a customer is referred by another customer, our costs to obtain that customer are significantly decreased! Because of this, we will issue you a $20 check for each customer who is referred by you.  

If you refer 20 new customers who make their monthly payments, we'll give you $400 and 1 year of FREE UNLIMITED SERVICE.

Refer more than 20? You'll qualify for our "elite" status.  With elite status, you'll get a free phone every year, $500 and 1 year of free service for every 20 customers who sign up upon your referral.

Have time to wait? Send us a message. We'll respond within 8 business hours!