Put an END to Texting & Driving

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    Sign the Community Wireless "End It" agreement. This is a legal document where you "the driver" promise to not place your life or the life of others in danger by Texting & Driving.
  2. The Statistics
    According to an AAA poll, 21% of teen drivers in fatal accidents were distracted by their Mobile Device. 94% of teen drivers understand that texting and driving is dangerous, yet 35% say they still do it. Crazy, right?
  3. 11 people DIE daily from Texting & Driving
    Every day, 11 people die from accidents where a driver was texting. By signing below and committing to stop texting & driving, you could be the one to save a life. No life is worth being taken over a text message. Put it away and live.


Sign our LEGALLY BINDING agreement below.
I, the undersigned individual , do hereby make the following statement:

"I will not place my life, the life of passengers in my vehicle, the life of drivers in other vehicles or  passengers of other vehicles in jeopardy by  using  my mobile device while  operating a motor vehicle.  I have watched the YouTube(r) video entitled "Texting and Driving PSA"  and understand the dangers that individuals are placed in when a person makes the choice to use their mobile device while driving.  If an emergency should occur or if I need to use my mobile device while operating a vehicle, I promise to wait until it is possible and safe for me to pull over before doing so.  I undertand that no text message is worth taking someone's life. Furthermore, I agree that if I am a passenger in a vehicle and the driver is using their mobile device, I will ask them to put their device away and will refer them to this agreement. If I have children, I promise to speak with them regarding the dangers of texting and driving before they are able to operate a motor vehicle."
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